Our cast members are the key to everything we do. We care for our cast by providing a variety of resources that help them live well and realize their goals, from personal benefits like family care and wellness resources, to professional opportunities and education assistance.

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Compensation and Benefits

We offer a leading employment package, both in terms of wages and benefits to our employees. In addition to wages that are at, above or on a path to exceed the industry average, we’re investing in childcare programs, connecting employees with expanded family caregiving options, and more.

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Wellness Resources

We support the wellness of our cast members through a robust variety of resources and benefits. With affordable health care plans, access to mental health resources and other programs, we’re here to help employees find tools they need for themselves and their loved ones.

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Disney Aspire

The groundbreaking Disney Aspire education program enables eligible hourly U.S.-based employees and cast members to pursue education and degree opportunities across a network of schools, with 100% of tuition covered upfront by Disney. The program gives participants access to individual coaching, online learning and flexibility at every step along the way to help them pursue their educational dreams.

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Training and Advancement

Through apprenticeship programs that offer hands-on experience, certificate courses for developing technical skills and other development programs, there are many ways for our cast members to expand their skillsets and take the next step in their careers.


From opportunities to connect with and recognize their fellow cast members to uniquely Disney activities that allow them to experience the magic for themselves, we want all of our cast members to feel a sense of belonging at work.

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We’re cultivating an environment where all are welcome and where diverse views and ideas are both sought after and valued. We continue to listen, learn and grow as we imagine the possibilities of tomorrow, together.

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Employee Resource Groups

Across our company, cast members come together around shared identities, interests and pursuits. These employee-led groups provide insights, support, career development and community for colleagues across our company.

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Disney VoluntEARS

Our cast members contribute thousands of hours of service each year to communities and causes they care about. Disney VoluntEARS participate in activities year-round, from individual efforts leveraging their personal and professional experience, to team projects that unite us all as a force for good.

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Celebrating Each Other

Across our destinations, we celebrate each other every day. Through recognition programs, we offer ways for our cast members to show appreciation for each other’s work creating magic and inspiring others. We recognize employees for all they do at Disney through special pins, celebrations, and service and legacy awards.

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Cast Activities

Cast members around the world are invited to participate in uniquely Disney activities that build a sense of community. From yoga in the parks to team events like annual canoe races and trivia challenges, we bring cast members together to meet new friends, share interests and have fun together.